Project Description


The Salt water pool and its base at Shoalstone had deteriorated over many years and had become unusable to operate for the summer.

Marine Civil Solutions were brought in to install a new 150mm DIA Concrete slab over the existing works to regain usability.


We had to work with the tide times on this and the access was incredibly poor. We had to first break out around the perimeter of the existing slab and provide a decent quay with our new and the existing older slab.

We used reinforcing bars and mesh to tie the separate types of slab together to create a reinforced wall, concrete was then pumped across approximately 60 metres of the pool over the periods of 3 tides to make the pool usable again and help against the sea.

Work was carried out over 2 set periods of time (with a weeks gap in between), the first set of time we used to carry out all the necessary prep work and ensure health and safety was all in order. We then used the second period of time to pour the slab over 3 days.

Quick facts

Client: Brixham Parish Council
Project type: Pool Maintenance and Sea Defence
Scale: 60m pool
Duration: Approx 3 weeks