Project Description


Over the years, the Chudleigh leat bed had deteriorated and dropped to a point where it was undermining the existing banks on either side of the river for approximately 30 metres. In fact, the banks on one side had already begun to fail and were in danger of collapse and flooding.


As access was limited, we first had to build a track to enable us to ferry materials to and from the site. Next, we had to dam the river and over pump the water to be able to undertake the works in the dry.

In terms of the remedial works, we stabilised and raised the riverbed back to its original level. We used stone-filled mattresses to raise the level and protect it from future erosion. Next we rebuilt the bank that had failed using 1 tonne rocks stacked three high to reinstate and protect the existing bank.


The project was completed on time and within budget, and the leat bed will maintain the correct level for many years to come.

Quick facts

Client: Teignbridge District Council
Project type: Canals & Waterways
Scale: 30m of riverbed replenishment and bank retention
Duration 3 weeks