Project Description


Boston’s Boatyard, recently developed into houses, is situated close to a quay consisting of steel sheet pile construction. These piles had begun to deteriorate over the years, largely due to accelerated low water corrosion.

To slow this process down and protect the pile providing a longer life sacrificial anodes where installed to every out pan. The anodes 60 number in total weighing 30kg each where installed by welding them to the sheet piles to a level which had to be perfect in order for the anodes to be most effective.


The anodes were installed almost at bed level, meaning our working window was approx. 3 hours a tide to install the anodes, access was poor and all works had to be undertaken on a negative reach cherry picker. To enable works to be undertaken efficiently works had to be planned very carefully around the tides.

Quick facts

Client: Cavanna Homes
Project type: Sea Defence
Scale: Installation of 60 x 30kg anodes
Duration: 2 weeks