Bridges and structures

The installation, management, maintenance and repair of bridges and structures are often subject to strict Health and Safety regulations. Our service record in this area is exemplary.

Over the years, we have project-managed a range of works on structures located in and around Britain’s waterways. These include the repair and maintenance and construction of:

  • Bridges
  • Retaining walls
  • Rock revetments
  • Fish passes
  • Culverts
  • Fords

In some circumstances, the work is best undertaken in dry conditions. In this instance, we will create a dam and pump the water out of the working area. Once complete, we can then efficiently carry out the necessary works, before restoring the watercourse back to its original state.

Health, safety and risk management

We are fully trained and certified to work in risk-associated environments where watercourse pollution must be kept to an absolute minimum. The fact that we enjoy an on-going relationship with many of our clients is testament to our experience, expertise and outstanding Health and Safety record.

Our work in action

Belmont Park

Overview Belmont Park is a large and popular location in Exeter offering a huge array of outdoor activities for all ages. Within the park, a large retaining wall and the parapet handrail system had failed, forcing the closure of a pedestrian path.

Bridge Road

Overview Works to Bridge Road, located in Exeter, Devon are currently underway to improve future congestion. Works include the widening of the existing carriageway and bridges to provide four lanes.

Barwynds Retaining Wall

Overview An existing masonry wall retaining a busy road leading to Illfracombe, Devon had collapsed over a tract spanning 27m in length.

Thurlestone Bridge

Thurlestone Bridge serves a vital and popular coastal path between Bigbury-on-Sea and Hope Cove. […]

Discuss your project

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